The Ranges

Great Carr
ETR range with targets from 50 – 880m

IBSR (individual Battle Shoot Range) 50 – 300m ETR – 4500J

Robins Lodge
ETR range with targets 50 – 1100m – 4500J

All of these are very open ranges with little or no shelter and no toilets. Shooting as normal from 09:00 to 13:00

Note: 338 Lap Mag and 50’s are not allowed except for Robins Lodge range (and this is subject to ATC) which has been difficult to get access to for a long time.

Do not proceed directly to the range in the morning. We will meet at RV point first and all proceed together. Arrive at RV point by 0815 leaving RV point at 8:30 promPt. No late entry to ranges as this is a battle range and driving may take you through live fire. You will NOT be allowed in late. If in doubt be there early!

Click here for the details of directions, RV point etc. as a document you can print

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Thetford CGR and EGR
ETR – 300m CGR – 600m

Permitted firearm calibre: rifles up to and including 7.62mm cal. Max MV 1000m/s, ME 4500J

Both ranges: no HME or high velocity weapons permitted (22-250, etc) anyone claiming to be using downloaded ammo will have their gun and ammo chronographed. Muzzle energy calculator here

Click here for the details of directions, RV point etc as a document you can print

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1200 yards (with 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 & 600 meter firing points. Plus 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1100 yard firing points)

Muzzle energy must not exceed 7000 joules; above 4500 joules requires HME (High Muzzle Energy) sighting procedures.

HME rifles require a sighting in procedure before any further shooting can be carried out. Please make the RCO of the day aware if you your rifle is capable of energies over 4500 joules. If in doubt ASK and CHECK! Click here for the HME targetry required.
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25 and 50 meters

Any firearm above .25 calibre may used on the Mepal Range up to a maximum muzzle velocity of 3280 ft/sec and maximum muzzle energy of 5166 ft/lbs.

Any firearm below or equal to .25 calibre may used on the Mepal Range upto a maximum muzzle velocity of 4000 ft/sec and maximum muzzle energy of 3800 ft/lbs.
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New Forms Required

The new form is NOT optional, it must be filled out each and every time you visit the range. If you do not fill out correctly you will have to go home. The form is now a requirement of club membership.

Barton Road Targets

The range wardens at Barton Road have made new frames for us. We have exclusive use of our targets; Vintage Arms and Grove will use their own. Please ensure the following once you are finished:

  • Frames are to be put away with nothing left on them
  • If you want to use Shoot’n’See or other adhesive targets then please put these onto a removable paper sheet first
  • Please DO NOT use anything other than the correct holder for spotting disks when on butts detail