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Online now: 2017 comp results for G. Clamp Memorial, Pre-1939, Egg Shoot, Buffalo Shoot and Any Rifle Any Sights

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DateRangeTimeDistanceComp/EventRCO-1RCO-2Guest Day
Sat 14Barton Road8.30-13.00100, 200volunteer reqd.volunteer reqd.Guest
Sun 22Barton Road8.30-13.00100, 400R Brooks
volunteer reqd.
Sun 5Barton Road8.30-13.00200, 600P ValenteP Cox
Sat 11ITSC13.30-16.30Guest
Sat 25Barton Road8.30-13.00100No fee for those that have already paid on the 5thD JonesR Taylor
Sun 5Barton Road8.30-13.00100Pre 1939 and George ClampP CoxR BrooksGuest
Sun 12 ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 25Barton Road8.30-15.30Long Range100m zero - 600, 1100
LR Comp @ 600, 1100 10 shots at each distance
W WestlakeD Jones
Sat 1Barton Road8.30-13.00100, 200, 300 (25 min details)R brooksT Gibney
Sat 8ITSC13.30-16.30volunteer reqd.volunteer reqd.Guest
Sun 16Barton Road8.30-13.00As per Egg Shoot rulesEgg ShootP Valente
A Spaxman
S Voak
volunteer reqd.
Sun 7Barton Road8.30-13.00100, 200Any Rifle Any SightsA Spaxman
W Westlake
Sun 14ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 27Barton Road8.30-15.30Long Range100m zero - 300, 400, 600G WardP Bentley
Sat 3Barton Road8:30-15:00Long Range100 quick zero, 400, 800, 1000mW WestlakeR Brooks
Sat 10ITSC13.30-16.30Guest
Sun 25Barton Road8.30-13.00100 all dayVarmint CompR BrooksP Valente
Sun 2Barton Road8.30-13.00200. 300W WestlakeP Valente
Sun 9ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 22Barton Road8.30-15:00Longer Range: 100 quick zero, 300, 600mR Brooksvolunteer reqd.
Sat 5Barton Road8.30-13:00100 all dayP Hartvolunteer reqd.
Sat 12ITSC13.30-16.30Guest
Sunday 27Barton Road8.30-13:00100, 200, 300Service rifle comp with normal shooting along side.P ValenteS Voak
Sun 3Barton Road8.30-13:00200,400D JonesP ValenteGuest
Sun 10ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 23Barton Road8.30-13:00100-300P Hartvolunteer reqd.
Sun 1Barton Road8:30-1300200Buffalo Comp
Please see comp info for rules
volunteer reqd.volunteer reqd.
Sat 7ITSC13.30-16.30Guest
Sat 28Barton Road8:30-1300100 - 200 or 300P ValenteG Ward
Sat 4Barton Road8.30-13:00100 zero then 400 - 500W Westlakevolunteer reqd.
Sun 12ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 26Barton Road8:30-13:00100 - 200 - 300Sporting rifle.
Please see comp info for rules
S VoakP Valente
Sun 3Barton Road8:30-13:00100Turkey Shoot
Money Shoot
Please see comp info for rules
W Westlakevolunteer reqd.
Sat 9ITSC13.30-16.30Guest
Sat 16Barton Road8:30-13:00100 all morningA Moncrieffvolunteer reqd.

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New Forms Required

The new form is NOT optional, it must be filled out each and every time you visit the range. If you do not fill out correctly you will have to go home. The form is now a requirement of club membership.

Barton Road Targets

The range wardens at Barton Road have made new frames for us. We have exclusive use of our targets; Vintage Arms and Grove will use their own. Please ensure the following once you are finished:

  • Frames are to be put away with nothing left on them
  • If you want to use Shoot’n’See or other adhesive targets then please put these onto a removable paper sheet first
  • Please DO NOT use anything other than the correct holder for spotting disks when on butts detail