Shoot date updates:

The Egg shoot will take place on the 30th November.

About 4 days ago from BRPC's Twitter via Twitter Web Client


Can be non RCO
Guest Day
Sun 13Barton Road8.30-13.00100P ValenteM Geoghegan
Sat 26Barton Road8.30-15.00All day. TBAP BentleyR Brookes
Sat 2Barton Road8.30-15.00All day. TBAW WestlakeA Moncrieff
Sat 9ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 3Barton Road8.30-13.00100-200P ValenteR Brookes
Sun 17ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 30Barton Road8:30 - 15:00100 Zero
P BentleyG Ward
Sun 21Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100 - 200Any Rifle - Any Sights (200m)
Varmint (100m)
W WestlakeA Spaxman
Sat 27ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 12ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 19Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100 - 300Pre 1939
George Clamp
W WestlakeN Browles
Sun 9Barton Road8:30 - 13:00200 - 600Longer range
Sat 15ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 23Barton Road8:30 - 13:00Cancelled:
Confirmed cancelled
Sunday 7Barton Road8:30 - 13:00200 - 400Buffalo (200)P ValenteS Voak
Sun 14ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 27Barton Road8:30 - 15:00LR 500 - 800 - 1000 +P ValenteN Browes
Sun 18Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100 +P HartN Browes
Sat 24ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 8Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100 - 200P ValenteW Westlake
Sat 14ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 22Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100-200-300Sporting RifleW WestlakeS Voak
Sat 5Barton Road8:30 - 15:00Long Range
100, 400, 800, 1000
TBA on day
W WestlakeP Valente
Sat 12ITSC13.30-16.30
Sun 20Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100-200P ValenteMichael Geoghegan
Sun 3Barton Road8:30 - 13:00100, 200, 300 Service rifleP BentleyNeed Volunteer
Sun 17ITSC13.30-16.30
Sat 30 Barton Road8:30 - 15:00Long Range
Egg Shoot @ 500m Only at egg!Need RCO VolunteerNeed Volunteer
Sat 7ITSC13.30-16.30

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New Forms Required

The new form is NOT optional, it must be filled out each and every time you visit the range. If you do not fill out correctly you will have to go home. The form is now a requirement of club membership.

Barton Road Targets

The range wardens at Barton Road have made new frames for us. We have exclusive use of our targets; Vintage Arms and Grove will use their own. Please ensure the following once you are finished:

  • Frames are to be put away with nothing left on them
  • If you want to use Shoot’n’See or other adhesive targets then please put these onto a removable paper sheet first
  • Please DO NOT use anything other than the correct holder for spotting disks when on butts detail