Bassingbourn Rifle & Pistol Club

Check shoot dates often. Dates are being CANCELLED at short notice by the military for the trainies at Bassingbourn

Shoot Dates here

If your at thetford this weekend, say thanks to your RCO Gary Ward as he has stepped up at the last minute so the shoot could go ahead. Thanks Gary.

HME Please see the members area for HME requirements and the relevant targetry you need to bring. It is only required for those shooters with High Muzzle Energy Rifles

RCO's and shooters The RCO's for the day are now on the 'shoot date' table for ease and clarity. Please see the note in the members area section on effective range usage

RCO's your are required to sign that you have read the range orders in the last year when taking on the range. The range orders are available in the members area in the documents section

Reloading Courses Dave will be running a number of reloading courses throughout the year for members, if your interested please contact him via email. His contact details are in the members area.