Dear Members,
If you are not receiving emails from the Club Secretary and or the Membership Secretary, please check your spam folders and update your settings to allow the club emails to be received.

If you don’t have any email in your spam folder, it is likely we have incorrect or outdated details for your email address. In that case, please contact both secretaries and give them your correct email address.

Important notice for all LandMarc ranges
As of 1st January 2023, all areas of the Defence Training Estate
including ranges, camps and dry training areas have become
Tobacco Free Working Environments.
This means that the use of all tobacco products
(including combustible and chewing tobacco products)
are now forbidden on all Defence Training Estate sites from this date onwards.

Shoot date updates:

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New Forms Required

The new form is NOT optional, it must be filled out each and every time you visit the range. If you do not fill out correctly you will have to go home. The form is now a requirement of club membership.

Barton Road Targets

The range wardens at Barton Road have made new frames for us. We have exclusive use of our targets; Vintage Arms and Grove will use their own. Please ensure the following once you are finished:

  • Frames are to be put away with nothing left on them
  • If you want to use Shoot'n'See or other adhesive targets then please put these onto a removable paper sheet first
  • Please DO NOT use anything other than the correct holder for spotting disks when on butts detail


The club shoots regularly at Barton road range, up to 1200 yards and various military ranges around Thetford, plus a private range catering for a variety of firearms. Please check the other sections for range details.

We are a diverse set of shooters from 'Bisley paper punchers' to stalkers and vermin shooters, all of whom share the opportunity to zero their rifles and test loads and drops. As such we cater for all tastes and range distances.

All involved take turns to shoot and mark; as a club we cannot run without this so please don't expect to shoot 100% of the time. It is very likely that you will spend time assisting other shooters with marking or carrying out sentry duties (at Barton Road). However, there is plenty of time during a well organised meeting to get plenty of shooting done.

If you would like to leave a shoot meeting early, please seek permission from the RCO on the day, do not assume this will always be possible; on some occasions it will not be.

Home Office Approval Number 08/1/7/4/1/2/1/2/3/05

Reloading Courses

Dave Parker or Paul Valente are happy to provide reloading training for members. If you're interested in learning about reloading your own ammunition, please speak to Dave or Paul on the range.


RCO's and Members

The RCO's for the day are now on the 'shoot date' table for ease and clarity.


You are required to sign that you have read the range orders in the last year when taking on the range. The range orders are available here.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Bassingbourn Rifle & Pistol Club, then please contact the Membership Secretary.

Mail: PO Box 134, Bourne, PE10 1DF